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Since last saturday, my plans of the australian trip got changed so badly! But step by step. On saturday we had our first surf lession. I never stood on a board, not even a snowboard. So I was very excited, how I will do. We decieded to go to the Soul Surf School, which is pretty near to the Beach Hotel. So we were all in front of the store at 9 am. By bus we travelled to Lennox Head, which is a well known surfspot all over the world. Especially its so-called point break is very popular by good surfers, because you can have a very long line along the cliffs. But we didn’t go there actually. Our location was a bit further. The reason, why we were going to Lennox Head and not surfing in Byron Bay, is because of the people. Lennox seems to be very calm, compared to Byron. That’s much better for the safety. First, we got a little theory about choosing the right spot for your surf. How to find rips and dangerous places and stuff like that. Then we went a bit further again and finally went to the beach. With our huge soft surfboards. The’re pretty heavy! Then a little theory stuff again about how to behave in the waves and what to look for. And then into the blue. First, the teachers helped us and made it pretty easy to handle it. Very soon we all wanted to do it all on our own and even that worked after some attempts. The waves were tiny for sure, but it was very motivating to go on. One of the guys was taking pictures all the time, which we could buy after the lession. We all did. You can check them out in the gallery.

And so here I am now. The only thing we think about is surfing. I bought my board today. The name I gave her is Eleanor. Pictures will follow. All I can say, it’s a Emery, factured in Lennox Head, 7 feet and 6 inch long, 21 inch wide and it is blue like the sea. Silvan will buy a board tomorrow and Ilona is still watching out for a matching one. She won’t afford a new one. The other girls don’t stay that long in Australia. But now we’re looking for a bus to travel around and visit some other beaches with less people on it. The plans of Silvan and me are, to travel all up the gold coast and surf everywere! We’re so catched. And since today, Ilona’s too. Her boyfriend might join us when he arrives. So we’d be four people surfing all around Australia and enjoying the live, the sun and the waves. Man, who have been imaging that? But we got a new found shared passion and we’re ready to go for it. And that’s pretty much all that’s necessary.

By the way, we don’t have any problems with the floods, they still more in the north. Anyway, the weather changed well, the last few days we only had sunshine and pretty hot temperatures.

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  • =) surfer michi. das häti iz o nid gseh cho. have fun

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