No time for sleeping

Last week weren’t that many things going on. At least nothing very important that would have to be mentioned. All this changed yesterday. And actually today too. But everything on its time. As already written in a earlier article, we were on the way to buy a car. So we checked out several occasions and decided yesterday to buy a Mazda E2200 or something like that. And now we are proud owners of our own car! How fast went that! It cost $3500, what is not that much. We can share the car with Andi, who uses it when we’re in New Zealand. So it’s always used and the price for every single person merged again.

The next big thing was yesterday evening. Coincidentally I saw a poster of a concert advertisement. For not less than Wolfmother in the Great Northern. I was sure, there where no tickets left but I went asking in the ticket office anyway. Fortunately they still had tickets and Silvan and I bought some. The gig was pretty awesome, good sound and an amazing crowd. When they finally played Joker and the Thief, the whole hall was freaking out. After that riding home by bicycle. I could easily get used to that.

Today then was planed to go surfing in the morning before school. Unfortunately Silvan had little problems with processing the past night. Could depend on staying up till 4am and drinking some beers. But I’m not quite sure. So he didn’t come. Cause of the lossy connection of our mobile phone net, I didn’t get that. So I waitet in front of his house and get finally bitten by their strange cat. So I left but took his surfboard with me, which stood in front of the door. Which was opened. But nobody replied. Never mind. I went then to the beach all alone and checked out the conditions on Clarkes Beach, which is beside the Main Beach. It was exactly what I was hoping for. Not to big waves and not much people out there. I took my board and went into the water, wondering only a little bit, why I was the only one. For sure I saw the little blue jellyfish laying on the beach. But how hard can that be? The answer is: Pretty hard! After maybe five minutes paddling through the water I got hit (or did I hit ‚er?) by one of them on my right foot. For god’s sake that hurts! I just paddled back to the beach as fast as possible. A woman saw me and told me that it’s not that bad because they’re only so-called Blue Bottle Jellyfish. A species of quite small jellyfishes. Only waiting a few hours and it will get better. But at least I would have the waves for my own. Great success! On the parking than, an older man told me that they’re not as harmless as I thought. Actually it can be dangerous, if you got hitten on the neck or the face. So I could have been quite happy with my right foot. Then the next question was what to do with de rest of the time? We intended to go to Ballina at 9.30 with some spanish girls to register the car but it still pretty early in the morning. I then decided to go to the lighthouse. Fortunately I had my camera with me. I never really saw a such beautiful panorama like in this early hour. After that I went to Wooly’s where we should meet the spanish car. I just couldn’t find it. So we thought about going somewhen else. Maybe Thursday.

Then finally I went back to school, where I just took place in the second lesson to have a reading test. Bloody boring but I was actually pretty good today. So tomorrw will be no school due to Australia Day. Means for me going surfing early, then barbeque at the surf school, where we’re hanging around quite often. In the afternoon then we will have our second surf lesson. I’m looking forward to. The day will end with a huge party on the beach. It’s gonna be an amazing day!

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  • wolfmother – rächt geili aktion 😀
    Guet hesch mau chli d Kamera drbi, bringt chli vo dine Ferie hie häre. And don’t loose your Bernese!

  • Mike, du machsch’s eim nid eifach i dere chaute schwiitz mit dine super biuder…lg Vättu

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