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Lot of people went to the Gold Coast this weekend. We didn’t. Yesterday we were surfing in the morning but my shoulder still hurt after some minutes paddling. At least it gets better everyday now. After that I went to get Charlene. Who’s that? Well, I wanted to buy a second board for Bali and I intended to do that in Bali. I also knew what kind of board I was looking for. Then I heard about DHD’s Project 15, which sounded so amazing. The hook was I cannot get it in Bali because it is not available there. They even sell very well and it is a pretty new model and my size seemed to be unavailable at the moment. So I wrote an email and they just got a new board built in my size. It didn’t take long to decide. This model is also a bit surprising when you receive it because it never looks the same. Darren Handley paints every tail on his own and you never know what you get. My one must be the most beautiful of them! But decide yourself. The only problem now is that I wanted to ride it not before Bali. So I always have to look at my beauty and behave not to take it out and break my rule. I’m looking forward to going to Bali!

After this buy we went to Silvan’s house to eventually pay our flight to Bali. Credit card limits suck! Then he decided to come to the beach later. Coincidentally I met Brigitte at the school and we ate something with Marina and Kerstin at the Beach Hotel. They went diving in the morning. Later we went to the beach and felt like having a BBQ this evening. So we arranged to meet at Wooly’s at 6 o’clock to buy some stuff. It was a funny evening and we were about ten people out there. Also the spot The Pass, which is between Wategos and Clarkes Beach, looked amazing by night. The sunset was breathtaking. Fortunately I had my camera with me. The Pass is maybe the best spot for surfing in Byron Bay but it always seems to be overcrowded so we don’t like it that much. Impressive was also, when we were surfing The Pass in the morning, the whole beach was flooded and you could not get to the viewpoint without swimming. In the evening you could just walk out there. Goodbye high tide, hello low tide.

Today we got up early to go surfing a new spot. We intended to go to Angels Beach, which is pretty near to Sharpes Beach. The problem was that we did not find it. Actually we just drove along the coast and looked for a sign. We finally ended up at Shelly Beach, which is even closer to Ballina. It was amazing! The waves were wonderful and so was the weather. Unfortunately my shoulder still not fit enough and I got hurt by another Blue Bottle, which decided this time to spin around my arm twice! It kind a hurt but it’s pretty much okay now. At least it looked nice around my arm. There were some other surfers out there with totally different levels then we had. It was nice to see them surfing. Then we went to the Byron Market, which is a huge market every second weekend in Byron Bay. The rest of the day we were sleeping or reading at Wategos Beach. Lazy but relaxing.

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