Crystal Castle & Lennox Point

Our class merged. At least four people are at Fraser Island and so we took school a bit less serious. Even the teacher did so. Because that we didn’t went to class a long time today but went to the so-called Crystal Castle in the morning and in the afternoon we went to Lennox Point. Now I’ve got my pictures of Lennox Head! But actually only from the top of the point. I still have to take some of the city.

The Crystal Castle was a special thing. I had no idea what would await me there but I couldn’t imagine a real castle. Australia is just not old enough for medieval stuff like this. So we arrived there and what we saw was a mix of crystals with Buddhistic sculptures and exotic plants. It was pretty nice out there and fortunately I had my camera with me. To visit it once is okay but I wouldn’t like to go there more often. I think you’d have to believe in the meanings of zodiac and mystic power coming out of stones and crystals.

As I said, in the afternoon we went to Lennox Point. This is a huge cliff beside Lennox Head and is a world famous point break. That means the water breaks at the cliff and you can surf it sideways till you end up on the beach. In this case here it is maybe about 100 meters. The only problem is that you have to take care not to crash into the rocks. So it is more for experienced surfers. As we went there we had to walk several meters to get on the top of it. Unfortunately we didn’t see any dolphins or turtles in the water out there. At least I did not. I reckon some of the others saw a stingray. But anyway it was very nice up there and it definitely worth the time.

By the way on Sunday I had to much time in Byron in the morning and so I visited the swamp again, this time with camera too. The reason for the time is that we wanted to see the sunrise up at the lighthouse. Unfortunately there were much clouds, so we didn’t see much of the rising. There are some new photos of the lighthouse in the gallery. Regrettably the weather wasn’t that good but the sun was shining in the afternoon. So that’s okay. There are also some new pictures in the Byron Bay gallery.

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