Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Last Monday all the cambridge classes of the school went to the zoo called Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. I was really looking forward to seeing my first kangaroo and other australian animals. We went with two buses and after a little more than one hour we arrived. Fortunately we had good weather all day long, not like the class, which went today. As we came in the first thing we saw was a weird wheel for birds. Don’t ask me for what exactly it is. Then we saw the koala bears. There are so much of them and they are unbelievable cute. Especially when they move. But that happens not that often.

Later we participated a little private show, in which we learnt something about some local animals. There was a python snake, a possum, a blue tongue lizzard and something like an owl but I can’t remember the name. They were all pretty funny. After that we walked through the whole zoo and could even pet some kangaroos! We also saw crocodiles and dingos. But they weren’t that interesting for the guys, who were at Fraser Island last weekend. But petting the kangaroos was the highlight of our visit. Finally we saw a bird show, which was quite impressive. They have amazing birds in here. And they usually don’t look as boring as the european birds.

The trip was worth it and now I finally got my first experiences with australian animals.

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