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This week was pretty fun and we went surfing many days. Silvan finally got himself his own surfboard too and now he’s even more motivated to go home earlier after parties to get up in the morning for a before-school-surf. School indeed goes pretty well but there still some dutys to improve for me. Yesterday we went to a little swamp, which shows how Byron Bay looked before they began to run up the village. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me. Maybe I’ll go there a second time to take some pictures.

The current weekend is quite unusual because most of the people I’m going out with are on a trip to Fraser Island, which was organised by school. The little rest intended to go surfing today. At the beginning we were about five people, but actually only two went there in the end. Didn’t matter, Andi and I had a great time in Lennox Head. In fact it was his first day on a surfboard and he did pretty well. He’ll join us again, I’m sure.

So I don’t know what I’m going to do tonight but I think tomorrow will be surfing again. We’ll see. Beside the flight to Bali is booked and these to and from New Zealand are about to get cancled. I’m looking forward to!

I took my camera to Lennox Head today but forgot to take pictures again. At least here are some pictures of my home so you can imagine how I live here.

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  • wauw 🙂 gäg sone Ussicht hätti ou nüt izwände! schön hesch es!

  • hehehe, dr chester gfaut mr. doch nid so wit wäg vom fuutier ;D Zersch hani scho chli angscht gha, ds erschte biudli sig dini ganzi ungerkunft 😉

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