The Gold Coast & Quiksilver Pro

Yesterday we just wanted to seek another beach to get some changes in our surfing history. We found New Brighton Beach in Ocean Shores. The waves were not what we hoped for and we still a bit tired. So we decided to drive on to famous Surfers Paradise. Everybody has to see this piece of Australian cities at least once. After maybe one and a half hour we arrived in this huge city. Then finally I understood why people don’t only talk about Surfers or the Gold Coast. Surfers is part of the Goldy, which is a never ending spree of houses along the coast. Surfers itself is the biggest part with all the skyscrapers and wicked buildings. I felt a bit like in Las Vegas as we saw the skyline on the horizon. We found a car park and went out, armed with a bunch of money and my camera. This city is huge! All the buildings are amazingly big and unpersonally and it is so completly different from Byron. I have to admit that I’m pretty happy to live here and not on the Goldy. Anyway we had a walk trough the center of it and found the beach and the main shopping area. Bad luck for my hard earned money. There are so much shops like Rip Curl, Quiksilver or Oakley stores. Well in fact I only bought three shirts that day but I behaved. It was actually pretty hard. After shopping, what is not Silvan’s favorite hobby, we went to the beach to cool down a bit. There again, Byron is much more convenient. You could only swim between the marked signals and that’s a bloody small zone. So there were heaps of people fighting for their place in the water. I don’t know if it was only because there was quite big swell or if it’s always that way. In fact I never saw this in Byron before. The beach itself was not that big and we decided to go on at Snapper to see the Quiksilver Pro, which started that day. We had to drive through the whole coast but finally got there. It was amazing! The skyline of Surfers in the background was beautiful. Unfortunately we missed the men surfing but the Roxy Pro was on. So we watched the girls riding their waves for some time. The whole event will go on till the 9th of March, so we gonna return somewhen I reckon. I have to see Mick Fanning ripping some nice barrels in the final! Regretably the waves are crap at the moment at the entire coast so there’s not that much surf going on. But we’re looking forward to receiving new results.

Today we didn’t do much. Just hanging on the beach and get sunburnt. Yes I was running out of sunscreen and didn’t think much. But I got new one now! It all gets better. The day ended with watching a DVD at the house of Ilona after an unserious BBQ at The Pass.

Only two weeks to go in Byron Bay. Time’s running like nothing! But I’m looking forward to going to Bali. Almost a third of my time in Oz is already gone. I can’t believe it, but enjoying every minute of it.

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  • Man da bekommt man richtig Lust auf Urlaub. Aber zum Glück ist der Winter endlich vorbei!

  • Hoi Michael

    Super Bilder, geniesse jeden Tag – das machst du gut!! Küssli

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