Wategos & Sharpes

Since this week we use to go surfing in the morning, even before school starts. Surfing in the morning is the most beautiful thing you can do! We usually go to Wategos Beach because it’s pretty close to school and there are not much people around. And nevertheless it is our favorite beach to get there in a few minutes. Unfortunately the waves there are quite difficult to catch but you only improve if you have to work hard. So we keep trying. Today they said that the waves should be huge because of the zyklon called Yasi. We went there anyway and found pretty good conditions, eventhough the current was very strong. But that seems to be normal at most of the beaches. We prepared not to be able to surf this morning so we took our cams with us. That’s why I have some new pictures. Even finally of my beauty Eleanor!

In the afternoon we went to Ballina, a city, which is about 30 minutes away from Byron, to register our car. By the way his name is Bobby. Wasn’t my idea! After a penalty for Silvan for not wearing his seat belt, which cost ridiculous $258, we went surfing on Sharpes Beach, which is on our way back to Byron Bay. There we met our surfschool and passed about one hour. The waves were great and we had a good time.

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  • Hi Michael! I like your blog, especially the lovely pictures. Sounds like a lot of fun, I am pretty jealous. I really need to travel some more again 🙂

    Anyway, have a good time and enjoy being at such a great place!

    BTW: What I like the most is that you gave your car a name 😀

  • nid schlächt dini eleanor (righby?). Würklech troumhafti Biuder vom däm Strand. enjoy!

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