Bali. Finally.

Last friday was our Cambridge exam at the gold coast. Don’t ask me how it worked out because I have no idea. Could be as bad as good. But I feel confident about it. The ride back to Byron Bay was one of the craziest I’ve ever had. Everybody was going mad and we were singing all the time. In the evening then we went out but not hard. That changed the day after on Saturday. Frank our teacher said he would come too so that was already enough for everybody to go to school. It was hilarious and I’ve never had a better teacher than Frank. He always had our class under control as good as that’s possible but he also knew when to take it easy and just let it go. I will miss this class forever, it was a freaking amazing time with these guys!
Surprisingly we could take our flight to Bali yesterday. Nobody believed anymore because we didn’t have our visas back from Sydney nor the passports. These guys are just lazy bastards in this consulate. But Kerry of the school made it happen for us that we have at least our passports back till Monday evening. No visas. And about $500 to pay more. How much money did I already spend for nothing since January? Well who cares, you should not think about that.
But anyway, now we’re in Bali! We arrived Thursday evening in Denpasar and went to Kuta, which is the touristy heart of Bali. We stay in a hotel called Gora, quite close to the center. After the arrival we wanted to eat something but the shops and restaurants were about to close. So we were starving as we got up this morning. After eating some delicious pancakes at Flapjaks on the way to the city, we went shopping in the numerous shops of Kuta. Actually all of them were surfbrand stores. There was Hurley, Rusty, Billabong, Rip Curl or Quiksilver. The prices are almost half that high as they’re in Australia. Actually that doesn’t make it much better for my wallet. Now it’s just more. But as I said before, don’t think about things like that. It’s holiday! In the evening we wanted to check out the nightlife but let it be because we were not motivated enough. Byron Bay left one’s mark.

Today we left direction Uluwatu and stay now in the Padang Padang Inn, a little walk away from the world famous reef break Padang Padang. Yeah let’s start with the most dangerous one! After arriving we wanted to check out the surf but there were no waves. Bad luck. We’ll try it again tomorrow. And now we intend to plan a bit what to do the five weeks we spend here.

And by the way, no I’m not looking for f***ing transport!

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  • hehe i würd sägä dive and dive on! 😀

  • nice. viel spass in bali
    surf on

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