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Yesterday we went surfing for the first time in Bali. Yes ok, we tried it already on Thursday at Padang Padang but there was no swell at all. Fortunately, we have to admit. Because according to some information we got, this break is way over our ability. So we stay in easier breaks to stay alive. So we went to Ulu Watu. Much easier, isn’t it. Actually it’s not but at least it is not only a tube. As we arrived we felt like gladiators on the way to the Colosseum. This is because you have a long way down to the reef and it is very famous. So there are so many people around, who sell things and greet you and stuff. Everybody looks at you. Eventually you’re on the bottom. You’re in a hollow pit in between huge rocks and there’s only one way out. And that one looks even scary because the swell pumps against it. Firstly, it was quite scary but then we went out. After a pretty long paddle out we were in the lineup. There are more than one wave and we choose the closest one. There was not much going on most of the time but when a wave came up, everybody was going for it. So it was pretty busy out there. No waves for me this time. But not because of the crowd, it was because it was my first serious surf with Shelly and I was quite nervous. You could always see the reef under your feet. It’s so different to what we’re used to from Australia. The panorama from the water was amazing as well. You can see the huge cliff with all its little houses and you know there are so many people watching. That’s not really what I’m looking for but we’ll go out there again anyway. The waves and crowd are nice and as long as you don’t get smashed on the reef it is fine. It’s better to go in the morning because then it’s high tide. I’m looking forward to my first wave at Ulu Watu.
On Friday we went to Nusa Dua. A village with lots of big hotels and things like spa and stuff. We rented some motorbikes and just joined the flow of the streets. What is actually pretty scary because nobody really cares about rules or something. So you just have to be careful and know what’s going on around you. But if you manage that, it’s honestly quite funny to cruise around with them. In Nusa Dua we only went to a huge shopping area. So nothing much considerable. It was nice and you can’t do much more in this location anyway. Especially not if you don’t have your board with you and are not interested in spa. Maybe next time or so.
Today we went to the Ulu Watu temple called Pura Luhur Uluwatu, which is a little more left of the break. It was very nice there and the view to the sea is breathtaking. From the temple itself you don’t see very much because it’s only open to true Buddhists. I think that’s ok. The most entertaining part was the monkeys. They stole everything like thongs of Japanese tourists or their hat. Silvan hit one of them accidentally and so he got bitten. Fair enough. On our way home we rested at the Ulu Watu break and took some pictures. As we arrived it was already low tide so we could easily see and walk on the reef. But honestly I don’t feel comfortable walking around there. I think it’s not good for the reef. Even the entrance hall at the bottom doesn’t look that scary at this time. It’s so calm then. We ordered a banana vanilla milkshake, which was extremely tasty. The food in Bali is delicious anyway. I really love fried noodles with chicken and egg. And it costs nothing compared to everything I knew before. The view remaining hours we laid on the Padang Padang beach and read in our books. That’s how I like it.

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