Welcome to the cultural capital of Bali

So yesterday was time. Time to say goodbye to the coast. At least for some time. Silvan left Bali on Wednesday due to a funeral and I stayed the last night at the Padang Padang Inn. Since I had my little accident with the motorbike, which was not serious but unconscious anyway, my left foot and right wrist are meant to heal as fast as possible. The point is that I should not go into the sea until these injuries are well again. Else they always open and we’re back at the beginning.
Because of this I left the seaside and turned to Ubud, the so-called cultural capital of Bali. After reading a bit in Silvan’s Lonely Planet, I decided, to which home-stay I wanted to go. The travel took longer than I expected but after approximately one and a half I arrived at the Raka House. It’s a cheap home-stay and a little jewel in the heart of Ubud. I’ve got my own little bungalow now and it only costs 200’000 rupiah per night, which is about 20 Swiss francs and it includes breakfast. It’s even got a bath tup, which I used last night before I went sleeping. The owners are so nice and try to help or give you advise where ever they can.
Ubud is amazing. It’s completely different to what I saw of Bali until now. It feels very cozy, relaxed and clean and the sleazy stores seem to be more than less inexistent here. There are lots of handcraft and cultural shops, whose products are made in Ubud or one of the smaller villages around. Another very positive aspect was the lack of all the guys, who wanted to take you for a ride. I was walking around for about two hours and only a handful asked me, if I need transport. I did not yet see very much of the town but that will change. I intend to stay here about one week or so. There are many things to do and visit in and around Ubud. Tonight I will visit the Ubud Palace to enjoy one of the famous dances in its holy halls. Actually I don’t know, if it’s in a hall but I will see. Another well-known issue of Ubud are the numerous coffees, of which I already visited three. Well I have to admit one of them was a Starbucks, in which I managed to order something with coffee, so I didn’t like it at all. But I was lucky. When I sat down, a heavy shower started outside. The travel guide said that this is quite normal in the afternoon. So I think I will pass some more hours at coffees in the afternoon, even only because most of them have internet. I actually have wireless in my home-stay as well but it seems like the connection to my bungalow isn’t strong enough.
Last evening I ate at Kafe Batan Waru, which is close to my place. I’ve never ate a dish, which included so many different tastes. But actually everyone of them was worth it. Until now I like Ubud much more than the touristy coast with all its dirt and traffic. The far more relaxed life of Ubud is how I was imaging Bali.

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