From Bali to Australia

It’s a long time since I last wrote an article. I’m sorry for that. The reason is the time and the limited free internet access in Australia. I didn’t expect that. Anyway, the last thing I did in Bali, was visiting Tanah Lot, which is about the most famous temple in Bali. I met Thomas the day before and we had a excessive shopping trip, amazed by the pure quantity of surf shops in Kuta and Legian. If there were 50m without such a shop on the main road, it was almost a miracle. So that was the last bit sin in Indonesia for me. But in the end it was only two shirts, so it was not that bad, I behaved. The day after Tanah Lot I arrived in Sydney, where I stayed two nights. The city is beautiful! I arrived at the hostel at about 8am and directly went to take some pictures. After Hyde Park, which is not as big as that one in London, and St. Mary’s cathedral I suddenly stood in front of the Opera House. The sun was shining and the majority of the tourists were still sleeping. This view was breathtaking, especially because it was so unexpected. I was stocked and took many beautiful pictures. The harbour bridge was looking amazing and I spent the whole day walking around in the area. In the afternoon I went to the Sydney aquarium and really liked the tunnels, under which you can walk and see the sharks and rays swim over you. In the evening I went to the IMAX at darling harbour, which is the biggest screen in the world, and saw Suckerpunch. I was stunned by the size and the experience of it all. I had the perfect place either. Last row, seat in the middle. It was huge!
Unfortunately the next day it was raining or at least very dark and I found out that it’s going to get Winter in Australia for real. So I visited some museums and shops, which were open. Because of easter many shops were closed. I decided to go for a bridge climb in the afternoon. What I didn’t know was that it took 3,5 hours and cost about $260. I thought maybe in good weather but not that way.
The next day I was at the airport again. It went to Adelaide and then to Stirling by taxi. There should be my car. As I arrived there was nobody home and the car was not in sight. That made me a bit nervous, also because there was nobody around in the neighborhood and I had no chance to get some food or even a bed, if the family has left for easter, what many Australian families do. Later I found out I had the wrong address and found the car a few houses further the street. Luckily there was even somebody at home. After talking a bit I was on my way to Cape Jervis, the port to Kangaroo Island. The day after I was on a trip at this beautiful place. Actually I saw no kangaroos but many sealions, which isn’t bad either. The next day was driving only. Honestly it is quite depressing to sit in the car the whole day and have nobody to talk to. In the evening I arrived in Mount Gambier and went jogging for the first time since Byron Bay. It was a good feeling. The day after I went further on my way to the Great Ocean Road, my actual goal after I found out the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach near Torquay was over since Monday, the day I’ve been to Kangaroo Island. At midday I was at Warrnambool, which is the official first city at the road. There I eventually bought a sleeping bag. The last three nights without one were too much. I’m glad the public holidays are over. From then on it still took many kilometers until you arrive at the coast. But then it started. Huge sandstone sculptures with names like London Bridge or Thunder Cave appeared every half kilometer. I was like sitting in the car, driving a few hundred meters, stopping again and taking pictures. One of the last the first day was the 12 Apostles, the most famous formation. There were so many people like at the Opera House in Sydney. Anyway the stone pinnacles looked breathtaking. After a curvy road away from the coast into rainforest I arrived at Apollo Bay, a little village in the middle of the Great Ocean Road. It was a great day. And the next started equal. The rest of the road was not that special anymore but nice anyway. It was the beginning of Surf Coast Shire. After some hours I arrived at the Bells Beach, where people were removing the last few things of the Rip Curl Pro. The beach looked so nice and you could match everything with the famous pictures of past events. 8 kilometers later I was in Torquay, the city which is actually not special. The only thing is that every surf brand has it’s headquarter in this little town in Victoria. Here are the hugest shops of brands like Rip Curl, Quicksilver or Billabong. Unfortunately I bought already so much stuff in Bali that it would be insane to shop much more. So all I got was some cheap shorts of Oakley.
And here I am now, sitting in the Mc Donald’s in Torquay and using the Wifi, which is pretty rare in Australia. So that’s actually the only reason why I visit these restaurants anyway. And that also the reason why I can’t upload many pictures. The internet is not limited in time but in MB. So I have to economize a bit. I hope I can change that in Melbourne. I just booked a hostel for Melbourne for from tomorrow on for two nights. So I’ll travel on tomorrow. The only thing I’m concerned about is the place where I could leave my car. I guess that’s expensive in Melbourne. Yeah I will see. I’m looking forward to Melbourne and then the East Coast. I hope it’s gonna be a bit warmer.

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  • 3?? säg nid du hesch no eis kouft?
    i wett gärn no chli meh fotos xeh vo denä ortä..
    hiä rägnez übrigens u i bi allei dähei. aui si ar wermi, nur ig nid:( nenei, i ha schturm:)

  • dr sound isch nid schlaecht aber s outo isch so lut dasi fasch nuet drvo ghoere. und jaaa im outo si momentan 3 surfboards^^

  • heihei, hoffe du hesch e gueti soundalag i dim vehiku! Wie gsehts mit eleanor us? o drbi?

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