I’m in paradise!

It’s four days since I left Bali and went to Gili Trawangan, which belongs to Lombok. We had beautiful weather while we were traveling by fastboat to the island and even saw some dolphins. As we arrived I already got a little shock because they forgot my surfboard on the boat. After a few minutes waiting I got it anyway. In Gili T I decided not to try to save much money and so I went directly to the Blue Marlin Dive Center, which has also several bungalows. Here I live now, even if it’s more expensive than I’m used to. After I put my luggage in the bungalow I went to the reception to book the Open Water course. I wanted to start the next day. After I completed the necessary formulary stuff, Ivan, one of the Instructors came in and said I could start right now with a few theory videos, which just got started. So my course started right after arriving on the island. As the theoretical lesson was finished we got in the pool and I finally wore the whole diving stuff for the first time! I started the course with Amke, a German girl, but we always had English instructors, what was not bad. I don’t like the pool. Maybe because it’s a bit boring and I’m always freezing. In the evening we celebrated Amke’s birthday with several other Germans, that Amke already knew from the place the all stayed before the Gilis. The next morning at 9am we went into the sea for the first time. It was an amazing feeling and we saw lots of turtles and other beautiful fish. Also one of Kim’s famous trigger fish. The spot was called Shark Point but we didn’t see one of these creatures. Back on the island we just switched the tank and directly got in the pool for two hours. Then at about half past one we finally got the chance to eat something. Later it went back into the ocean to a spot called Meno wall and had our second dive. And now it started with performing skills on the surface and underwater. For example snorkel to regulator exchange, cramp removal, to tow a tired diver or flooding the mask and clearing it afterwards. Some of the rarer fish we saw were a lion fish, a sea cucumber and even a moray eel. That one was very impressive. After this day I was stoked by all the new things I saw. But the other side was that I had strong pain on my right big toe because none of the fins during the whole day fitted me really. Further my face seems to be enough special to refuse most of the masks, so that I always have to take care to get the right one. That was actually not a big problem, the instructors and dive masters always took great care of us.
The second day started like the first one. Diving at a spot named Halik reef. Our group consisted of only four people and that was terrific. The great thing for me was that I found fins that fitted perfectly and additionally wore my wetsuit jacket. So I really felt comfortable underwater. We had to do some skills again like the controlled swimming emergency ascend but that was a short part. Then we went down and discovered the reef. We saw a trigger fish, trumpet fish, unique horn fish, clown fish, a turtle, a big sea cucumber and a colorful mantis shrimp. With a deeply satisfied feeling we returned to the dive center and had some theory again. After lunch we went for our last dive to the sunset reef. A few Open Water beginners joined us for their first dive and we were the experienced ones. We passed our skills quickly and after the problems of one of the guys with his BCD and ears we went for a little dive. The highlight of it was definitely the sight of a blacktip reef shark. The dive was not very long and the view was limited. But it worth it anyway. The last part of our Open Water course was the test. We had to reach 75% of 100 questions. It was quite easy and I reached 92 and Amke 96. After the successful course we could choose a t-shirt from the Blue Marlin collection. We ended the day with a good pizza and a beer with some of the instructors, who coincidentally saw us out of a cozy bar. Today I went to explore the island and walked all round it, what took a few hours. The weather was very good and the sun was shining most of the time. You can see so many things here. The last thing I have to do is to go up to the view point. I read you have a good view of the sunset there. Unfortunately the weather here is pretty stable in an odd way. In the morning it’s nice, at least more than less, and in the afternoon it usually rains or it is at least strongly covered. While walking around the island I also saw the surf spot here. It looks not bad, even if there are plenty of surfers out and the reef seems to be quite close. I don’t know yet, if I’ll check it out tomorrow. I think I’ll go for one or two last dives on Gili Trawangan. I want to go back to Bali on Sunday. It will be hard to leave the island because the people here are very nice and diving is great. I’m already looking forward to go to the great barrier reef back in Australia. There I will also rent a underwater camera if possible.

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  • gratulation zum certificate! d insle schint ja sehr agnähm z si, cha fasch nid verstah dassd so schnäu ume wäg wosch 😉 (vorauem gits ja dert o guiness….)
    Gruess us dr „chli“ (hüt morge hets e riif gä) cheutere Schwiz


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