In motion

I stayed in Lovina till the last Monday. The dolphin watching on Saturday was nice but I was a bit disappointed by how many boats there were out there. In the end we saw very many of these beautiful animals but I felt quite unconvenient after I realized how many visitors were on the water. On the other hand I quickly realized that the taken pictures doesn’t worth the effort. The dolphins jumping into the air would always be faster than my finger on the camera. Anyway there are some of them in the Lovina gallery.

Then I went to Sanur on Monday. It took several hours until we arrived there. The way between Ubud, where we made a longer stop, and Lovina is pretty nice with all its lakes and serpentines and rice terraces. I saw much of the backcountry of Bali during the two drives there and back again. Sanur itself was not very impressive. It’s big and you only see a part of the town and even that one is nothing special. The beach was very nice to look at but the tide was not good for more actions. Further the streets were overcrowded with taxis, which honked after every non-Balinese person. If that was not enough the weather was never really sunny. Actually I can’t remeember when it was completely clear for the last time. But the worst about my stay in Sanur was my stomach. I felt sick during the first night and I’m still recovering. After only two nights I went further.

And here I am now. I arrived in Padangbai by taxi, whose drive was interrupted by a sudden crash with a scooter. The taxi driver then decided to bring the victim on the motorbike to the hospital and suddenly I was alone on the road. The village would not be far anymore but walking on a lane with all that luggage including a surfboard was pretty unconvenient. Eventually a guy, who intended to go to Lombok by ferry, stopped and took me with him on his scooter. It must have been funny to look at. Two guys on a motorbike with that much luggage. Anyway I arrived luckier in Padangbai than the victim on the backseat of the crashed scooter. The second hotel I went to had a free room. When I sat down the next morning for having breakfast a german guy looked at me and said: „Dich ham’n wir jetz aber auch schon überall geseh’n“. I startled a bit and he said they saw us already at Padang Padang, then me in Ubud and finally Lovina. Bali is so small! So here I finally met some young people. There were several girls from Sweden, a Thailandish girl, who lives in Canada, a guy and a girl from England and those two guys from Germany. We had a great time yesterday. We went to the beach and had some Arak and stuff in the evening. Arak is alcohol gained out of rice and smells like medicine. But you can drink it with Sprite. Unfortunately all thouse guys left today and went to different places. Now I’m alone again. Except there is a Russian guy, but he doesn’t really speak English, so you cannot really have a conversation with him. I’m waiting now here in Padangbai until my visa is extended. I gave my passport to such an agency and they do all the necessary stuff. When I get my passport back I’ll going to the Gili’s to finally touch the sea again and do the Open Water Certificate. I hope the weather there is better than here.



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  • Open Water Certificate – sounds like a plan!

    merci viumau für d charte!

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