Lovina – out of season

After a little more than one week I finally left Ubud. Now I’m in Lovina, a small city up on the north coast. What appeared me as I arrived was slightly different to what I expected. Lovina was described as a relaxed coast town. Indeed, it is relaxed! There’s actually nobody. Looks like all the tourists are located in the south or at least in central Bali. After finding a cheap hotel I walked around in town and eventually got to the beach. Suddenly all the people, who want to sell something were standing around me. I was quite irritated by this fact but came away with my Rambutan, which are very delicious but unfortunately expensive because it’s not their season. By the way Rambutan is the same like lychee but Balinese or something. I was eating them behind the big dolphin sculpture and the last few salespeople occurred. They’re all very nice. As they saw that I already had some fruits they came to talk to me and a woman, who was selling Sarongs, excused themselves for overrunning me. It’s just because there are so few other tourists. The main season is from June to July. I reckon I will not stay here longer than till Monday. Then I will go on to Padang Bai. But anyway, now I’m here. Tomorrow in the early morning I will go dolphin watching. I hope I won’t get disappointed by seeing none of them.

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  • hehe, i told you to taste rambutans:) they’re delicious! small hairy pink and green somethings… enjoy!

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