From the fridge back home

Time is running so quickly, it’s unbelievable. The last time I wrote I just left the Great Ocean Road and was on the way to the Melbourne. Now I’m already so much further, exactly at the place where all began. In Byron Bay. But step by step.

The weekend before I spend in Melbourne. A huge beautiful city, where you can just hang around for days or ran after sights without end. I did both of them. The first day I spend walking through the streets and take some pictures occasionally. Then in the afternoon the weather got a bit darker and I went to a Starbucks, where I met Tiago. He’s a Brazilian guy, who stays in a Language School in Melbourne. Later I even met his friends and in the evening we wanted to go clubbing. We ended up on a terrace in the middle of Melbourne and had a beautiful view at the lively streets under us. A friend of Tiago is renting a flat there and he told me that it is very expensive. So I was talking to Columbines and Brazilians the whole evening. On Sunday then I went for a walk along the Yarra river, the big calm river, which flows through the city. Unfortunately the weather was even worse and the heaven was quite gray. But I didn’t have my camera with me anyway.

After collecting two parking penalties over two nights I left Melbourne on Monday with the next goal Blue Mountains. My first stop was in Beechworth. A very small village a bit away from the Hume Highway and I really enjoyed to stay there. I got to know, who Ned Kelly was and that the city was built because of the gold rush. Even though it was pretty quiet and I wouldn’t like to live there it was worth the stay. In the morning I even saw a wild Koala bear climbing down a tree in front of my car and the next tree back up. I called him Freddy the Koala.

The next night I spent in Gundagai, another city of the times of the gold rush but that one didn’t impress me the same way and I left early the next morning. After many hours of driving I finally arrived in Katoomba, the gate to the Blue Mountains. I took some pictures and prepared myself for the walk the next day. What I was not entirely prepared for was the temperature. Katoomba is higher then the locations I’ve been before and it got very cold during the night. The next morning I hardly got warm again and was shaking while eating breakfast in the sun. After that I went for my hike. It was more or less the default way for everybody but there are not many ways through the forest. First the walk went all over the cliffs and had lookouts every 100 meters. Then it went down in the forest over a steep way with many stairs and steps. There were not lots of people but later it connected with a shorter version of the way and it started to be quite busy.

The temparature still not very warm and I was glad to leave the fridge the next morning heading to the coast. The first location I went there was Terrigal. Another small village which I found through the guidance of the Lonely Planet. It’s a nice little place in a quite little bay. After having lunch I left for the night and built up my stay in Swansea. Another interesting place along the East Coast. It went on with Nelson Bay and Anna Bay the next day and the night in Forster-Turcurry. All these places are calm and nice and you could easily stay some days, if you like to. In Forster I even saw some dolphins in the bay in the morning.

The next bigger stop was Port Macquarie, a town famous for its breakwall. Tourists from all over the world write something on the stones and that gives a very colourful image. Also the rest I saw of the city was pretty nice. It was weekend so many Australians were along the coast enjoying their leisure time. I also visited the Koala Hospital. I just like these little sleepy guys.

The trip went on over Crescent Head and Nambucca Heads to Coffs Harbour. Unfortunately the weather there wasn’t that good again and on the caravan park was the first time it really rained since I left Melbourne. Over all I’m very lucky with the weather!

The last place I visited before Byron Bay was Maclean. A little town, which says she’s a Scottish town in Australia. Almost all the poles for the electricity have another pattern of Scottish clans, which makes the town very colourful. Much more isn’t there but it was worth a stop anyway.

And now here I am. Byron Bay again. A little colder and without many familiar faces but it still have its lovely atmosphere. I even went surfing for the first time since Bali but the waves are just not here again. It’s a bit frustrating. It’s very windy but laying on the beach is always a good option.

I guess I’ll go on tomorrow after three nights in Byron and keep heading north. I’ll see how far I get and just live in the day. I hope the weather still that good.

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  • heihei,
    angers d gallery wod da häreleisch. da bechunnt me definitiv fernweh!
    fröie mi scho uf d charte mit dr iizeichnete route 😉


  • wow, that looks awesome! what about that hulk-like building? looks funny.
    enjoy your last 2 months and take care!

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