On The Run/Time/Money

The time is running here in Australia and I spend some bigger amounts of money the last few days. That’s how I explain the strange title. And I was thinking of Pink Floyd. Since I left Byron Bay with a great night in the Woodys, I saw so many things. The time runs so fast and Byron Bay seems so far ago already. After Byron I was heading Noosa but decided on the way that that would be a little too far for one day and it was Saturday anyway and Noosa would have been flooded by Australians. So I made a stop in North Tamborine and its national park and saw a beautiful rain forest and the first wild kangaroos. Or wallabies, I don’t know. At least they were very small. So the next day I was on my way to Noosa. As I had a look on the GPS system, which released that it still was about 300 kilometers, I decided to take another stop on my way and I drove through Brisbane and ended up in the Glass House Mountains. There I went for a seriously dangerous hike on the top of the Mount Tibrogargan. At the information map was written that you need some climbing experience and I almost started laughing. How hard can it be for a Swiss guy in Australia? What I discovered was breathtaking. A steep rock without many hold looked quite scary even for a Swiss tourist. I didn’t expect that but the view on top was definitely worth it. These strange mountains situated all around you and you don’t really know how this can be possible. The next day I went strait into the Australia Zoo, the home of the late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin. It was quite impressing and I saw a huge variety of animals. What I missed were the spiders and the price was extremely high with $59 per person. I really liked the tortoises and the crocodiles but my star for the day was a cute little Echidna, which was running around in his cage looking for what ever. Probably food hä. In the afternoon I finally got to Noosa and stayed there over night. The beach was beautiful and the sun was shining. Unfortunately there were no waves again and the possibilities to go surfing are running out. The last remaining is probably the town of 1770, which I will visit tomorrow. In the afternoon of the beach day in Noosa I continued my travel to Gympie and placed my car on the next caravan park. The next day went to Rainbow Beach with its beautiful Carlo sand blow. This sand blow was about the most stunning thing I’ve seen yet. The different colours of the sand with the blue sky and the endless Rainbow bay are unique and I took some great pictures. I spend the night on a caravan park in Tin Can Bay, where I went for a run. It’s not really entertaining when a Bull Terrier tries to catch you, even if he might only wanted to play. Then I finally arrived in Hervey Bay, the gate to Fraser Island. I spend one and a half relaxing days around the beach and started my three day trip on Saturday. The guys in my group were very funny and we always had a great time, even though the weather wasn’t that good on two of the three days. On the second day, the one with the good weather, I went for a scenic flight over the island and saw so many stunning natural stuff in only 15 minutes. I already miss it to take off for a flight in the back of our bus whenever the bumps in the sand road were a bit too big and the speed a bit too high. It was all hilarious. Swimming in the lakes was another nice thing, although the temperature was freezing. I just thought that I won’t be here again the next few days and you’d get dry anyway. On Monday I saw then my first big Australian spider called huntsman spider. It was pretty impressing and a little scary and on the same day we even saw a Carpet snake. I was satisfied. So yesterday evening the group splited and meant to meet again on the 1st of June in Cairns. But I guess I won’t be there already. Yesterday night in the hostel took an unexpected way. It was the last day the hostel was open due to renovations and all the staff went to the bar in the evening. The alcohol had to go and so it was quite cheap for Australian conditions. It was hilarious and everybody was dancing on the tables and getting out of control. I got an unexpected surprise as I wanted to put my bags in the car at the hostel. I just put the key in only to realize that only about 30 centimeters away was exactly the same spider as we saw on Fraser Island. I was hustling around a bit with the result that the huntsman spider was inside my car. Great success. After a few more determined trys I got the animal finally outside the car. Thanks for the welcome anyway.

And so here I’m now. Sitting in the Mc Donald’s in Bundaberg. Today I went to the distillery of the famous rum with the polar bear. I never really tried the stuff and was surprised how good it was. They even got liqueur, which you can only buy in the factory shop. Yeah, well in the end I spend almost $200 for liqueur and other merchandise including a mirror, which, as I had to find out, doesn’t fit in my bag. I will put it in the board bag and prey that it will survive until Switzerland. At least it’s in a strong box. Bundaberg is nice and has beautiful houses in the Victorian style.

Tomorrow I will go on to the town of 1770 and hope to catch the last few waves in Australia. The second plan is to go diving there. But actually I could also do both. We’ll see.

Glass House Mountains

Australia Zoo


Rainbow Beach & Carlo Sandblow

Fraser Island

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